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Lean Startup for established companies

Lean Startup for established companies (Griesbach Consulting)

Wir freuen uns über die Teilnahme als Speaker am Product Management Festival 2014, das am 17. und 18. September 2014 in Zürich stattfindet.


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Lean Startup for established companies

How can you make sure that new products and services will ultimately be successful? You will learn from start-ups how to significantly increase the chance of market success in an agile and efficient way. The ‘Lean Startup Method’ was developed by serial entrepreneurs Steve Blank and Eric Ries and is being taught at top business schools such as Harvard, Stanford and Columbia. It has become the standard approach for successful start-ups (see, e.g., Dropbox and Airbnb). In a nutshell, the method guides you in developing products and functionalities that really create value and that will be demanded based on insights from early and constant interaction with potential customers.

The participants will understand what Lean Startup is all about and why it might revolutionize the way medium- and large-sized companies innovate in the future. Furthermore, the audience will get first-hand insights from the consulting, coaching and training experience of Dr. David Griesbach, who is one of the pioneers of Lean Startup in Switzerland. The workshop will be held in an interactive and applied way. Real life examples will complete the learning experience of the participants.

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