Griesbach Consulting - Strategy, Innovation and Business Model Innovation

Company Profile

Griesbach Consulting GmbH specializes in selected methods at the intersection between strategy, innovation and organizational transformation. We help to simplify business and management challenges, and to identify and seize promising opportunities. Our mission is to foster strategic and organizational agility, so that an organization can work in a focused way while still staying as flexible as possible:

Stragegische Agilität

As a consultancy, we want to stay agile and efficient as well. We are able to employ up to 10 consultants. For large projects, we have access to the resources of our associate partners.

Every company, organization and situation is unique. We therefore understand every mandate as a context-dependent and unique challenge that requires a fast, efficient and successful solution. Based on an initial meeting, we can develop a customized proposal and an offer of how to proceed showing how we can deliver the most suitable support.

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