Griesbach Consulting - Strategy, Innovation and Business Model Innovation


We are convinced that certain management challenges and situations can be resolved faster, more satisfactorily and more successfully with the help of an external consultancy. Our conduct philosophy is based on three pillars:

The consultant as an expert in methods & the client as an expert in his field
We are specialized in the conduct and process of selected methods. This allows the client to use his knowledge in a targeted and efficient way. We believe in co-developing a solution so that it will receive the necessary support and back-up in the future. Of course, clients will also benefit from our broad knowledge and experience within various industries: automotive, consulting, engineering, transport, public sector, media, energy, recycling, finance, insurance, health, retail and machine industries.

Standardized and structured procedure & customized solutions
Our methods and processes are standardized and structured in such a way that all those involved have absolute transparency about the process and its progress. The expected goals are defined together in advance. Focus is, however, still placed on the individual nature of the client and their unique situation.

Strategy = adopting a clear position & operational impact as the goal
We understand strategy as adopting a clear position of how and why to stay successful in the long run. This position must be designed and communicated in the most simple way so that it can be translated into the “language” of everyday operational actions.